About BTSS

“We come together from all walks of life, from many different circumstances. We need not walk alone.”

Who are we?

We are a community of brain tumour patients, caregivers and friends who come together from all walks of life and many different circumstances to support and help each other in our journeys so that no one with a brain tumour would walk alone.

Established in March 2014, we are now a registered charity in Singapore with effect from 16 September 2019.


The diagnosis of a brain tumour can be devastating. BTSS patients and caregivers understand this first-hand. We want to share our experience and knowledge to help patients and families at every stage – from the diagnosis to the treatment, rehabilitation and assimilation back to society.

Supporters celebrate the establishment of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore).
How does BTSS help?
  • Provide moral and resource support to brain tumour patients and caregivers
  • Provide patient education to better inform brain tumour patients and caregivers
  • Advocate for better information, welfare, medical treatment and institutional care on behalf of brain tumour patients and caregivers
  • Raise public awareness of brain tumours and their effects on patients and the consequent understanding and support that is required from the public, including employers, media and government
  • Raise monies to support the causes of the Society
BTSS does not:
  • Provide medical advice and consultation services
  • Evaluate medical professionals or hospitals
  • Promote products and services, example: MLM healthcare products
  • Impose our experiences and beliefs on others
Executive Committee (EXCO)
Melissa Lim


Melissa Lim founded the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) or BTSS in 2014 and currently serves as its President.

Dr. David Low


David is a practising neurosurgeon in Singapore, specialising in adult and paediatric brain tumours. He currently serves the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) as the Vice President.

Siow Peng Chai


Siow Peng brings to BTSS more than 10 years of experience in financial knowledge, corporate governance and leadership. She has served in non-profits in Humanitarian, Arts and Education, and for-profit organizations in professional services and insurance MNCs.

Our Staff
  • Crystal Tan
  • Janie Joseph

Our Committee Members
  • Nam Lee Seng
  • Peter Koh

BTSS Support Groups and Befrienders extend moral support


BTSS Talks and Website provide information to enable good decisions and care


BTSS Grants provide practical assistance, and regular activities promote bonding