Financial Assistance

A helping hand for life’s practical needs

Managing the impact of a brain tumour is costly. If you require financial aid during this period of time, the BTSS FAS offers a range of funding tailored to your specific needs.


BTSS Welfare Grant

A BTSS Welfare Grant provides temporary financial assistance for member adults, young people or children with brain tumours, to cover a wide range of practical needs. It does not cover treatment or medication, but is designed to ease hardship caused by additional costs of travel to appointments, care or retraining, for example. This can include things such as household bills, extra clothing, or a much needed break. Every month we aim to give at least one grant to a needy beneficiary.

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Please note that the application form must be endorsed by the social worker in the hospital you are attending. If you need clarification about the process, do not hesitate to contact us.

BTSS Rehab and Home Care (RHC) Grant

While the BTSS Welfare Grant covers a wide range of practical needs, we are aware that it may not be sufficient to cover for rehabilitation treatment or home nursing services that are often costly and span over a long period of time. To support patients and caregivers that struggle with such expenses, the Rehab and Home Care (RHC) Grant is thus set up.

Requirements for Eligibility of BTSS RHC Grant
  1. You have to be a member of BTSS
  2. Obtain supporting letters from relevant doctor or healthcare professional for home care services/rehab
  3. Ensure that the services required are not covered by other subsidies or your existing insurance covers

BTSS has partnered with Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) to provide home nursing services at a subsidized rate. For more details on their services, please check out their website or contact us (8738 5669 /

If you require rehabilitation or home care service that is not provided by HNF or public healthcare institutes, you can also apply for BTSS RHC Grant, even for your sessions at private centres, which will then be considered on a case by case basis.

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BTSS Wellness Fund

BTSS is here to travel the journey to wellness with our members. The BTSS Wellness Fund aims to enhance the well-being of our members through a broad range of programmes such as:

  • Physical skills – swimming, badminton, sewing, barista skills
  • Mental – memory, speed reading or other relevant intellectual pursuits
  • Creative – musical instrument playing, composing music, singing
  • Psychological – psycho therapy, counselling help
  • Social – social skills, emotional quotient (EQ) training

We will assist to co-pay 50% of the approved programme expenses up to a cap of $500 per annum.

Members who are looking for counselling services can also apply under this grant. Counselling services are provided by Nulife Care & Counselling Services Limited and as this is a BTSS-initiated programme, this counselling service is 100% funded, subject to a maximum of $500 per annum.

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BTSS Tuition Grant

Going back to school after a brain tumour treatment can be challenging to many of our young beneficiaries. With that in mind, the BTSS Tuition Grant aims to help school-going members cope with the rigors of academic work. The value of this grant is $3000 for one year. Members will be accessed based on the financial situation of the family.

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