Support Group & Befriending

We know that those who have been affected by a brain tumour are often the best source of support and information for others in similar situations. At our monthly BTSS Support Group meetings, we welcome new friends to share experiences and knowledge, ask question or simply chat with others who have been affected; and gain strength from being part of our community.

When do we meet?
  • Every second Saturday of the month 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
  • We are open to meet new friends outside scheduled meetings when required
Where do we meet?
  • Since February 2020, we meet virtually over Zoom.
  • We hope to resume physical meetings soon!
What to expect from a BTSS Support Group
  • Welcome and Introduction of BTSS and new members
  • Bonding Activities
  • Education (Sharing, Training, or Talks)
Who may attend?
  • brain tumour patients
  • survivors
  • caregivers
  • family members
  • healthcare professionals or
  • anyone with a passion for help the Brain Tumour community in Singapore.
Zoom talk 2020

Check the schedule of Support Group meetings here